Quienes Somos

The history of the law firm began in 2005 with the partner Rubens Decoussau Tilkian, and in January 2011, gained a new identity under the name Decoussau Tilkian Advogados.

Over the years, the firm has been steadily and consistently growing and is known in legal circles o for both its customized service rendered in its modern facilities and the high qualification of its team, which spares no effort to create innovative solutions after identifying what clients really need, in the various practice areas.

“In an increasingly competitive world, we must be different, focused on details, never giving up on finding solutions and aware that often the best answers can be between the lines. The formula for success is hard and meticulous work, coupled with perfect interaction between client and lawyer,” argues Rubens Tilkian.

Headquartered in São Paulo and operating nationally, the firm has lawyers specialized in litigation and consulting, in the areas of Strategic Civil Law and Arbitration; Corporate and Contractual Law; Reorganization and Bankruptcy; Administrative Law; Tax Law; Labor Law; Digital Rights; Entertainment and Image Law; and Sports Law.

The high performance and perfect mastery of these different disciplines allow any member of the team to be able to fully assist the client, thanks to the solid internal culture based on dialogue, cooperation, collegiality, combativeness and trust, pillars of modern advocacy, which the firm has always practiced and encouraged.

For Decoussau Tilkian Advogados, ethics is the fundamental value that guides and permeates its performance in the tireless search for results that – whether in providing preventive advice, pacifying conflicts or litigating – effectively promotes justice and the common good, the foundation of a just and equitable society, always guided by absolute respect for the laws and the judiciary.

Aware of its social responsibility, the firm devotes part of its time to pro bono work, guiding and assisting those who do not have the necessary means to protect their interests.

“Great success can be gained only by remaining faithful to one’s self.”
Friedrich Nietzsche